Training and onboarding

" Because products and equipment change, we’re constantly adapting our skills and procedures"

Reduce onboarding time with intuitive, on the job learning


"Zaptic literally puts our catalogue of training resource in the operator’s hand and

eliminates the need for guesswork when performing tasks"

Rob Jones, Operations Manager at global plastic packaging manufacturer


Close skill gaps

Track training completion and skills gaps. 

"Analytics within Zaptic can be used to give real time data on overall qualification completion, a snapshot of individual departments and individual qualification status and ongoing needs"

Gary Manchester, Engineering Manager at P&G 

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Reduce training costs

Improve time to productivity by replacing shadowing and classroom training with interactive, on the job guidance


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Improve process flexibility

A multi-skilled workforce powers agility to get new products to market faster and prepares you for industry 4.0. 

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"Our organisations training, troubleshooting, regulatory mandatory qualifications can be set up so end users can use on company IT systems or personal tablets and smartphones. Information can be taken with just a swipe of a tablet to the point of use on a specific area on a specific production line".

Gary Manchester, Engineering Manager at P&G Manchester