Empower frontline teams

Interactive work procedures for improved quality, productivity and safety  

The connected worker platform to digitise paper-based procedures for in-line training, execution, and collaborative improvement

Effortlessly digitise, update and distribute procedures.  

Turn any standard operating procedure into an interactive campaign, experienced and executed on the frontline via an engaging mobile experience that reduces human error and increases human happiness:

  • - Availability 
  • - Health, Safety, & Environment 
  • - Quality
  • - And many, many more..  

Real-time issue and action tracking for faster problem solving 

Track asset performance and task execution as easily as you monitor your facebook timelines.

Report incidents and create work orders as easily as your kids share instagram stories (we'll explain later..)


Multimedia repository of work instructions for every task and asset


- Top down or bottom up, organise technical documentation and mobilise tribal knowledge in your frontline workforce. 

- Share task and asset specific visual work instructions (video, images, messages and more). 

- Turn every worker into a multi-tasking problem solver, capable of preventing, identifying and eliminating losses. 

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