Jul 19, 2017

Zaptic, the cloud-based task mobility platform, announced today that it has been recognised as an “art of possible” platform by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), a leading resource for trade marketing and merchandising executives in the consumer goods and retail industry. 


In the POI Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods 2018 ¹, a detailed review of the retail execution market and technology vendors within it, POI distinguished Zaptic for its " fresh and innovative millennial-oriented approach”, “not encumbered by archaic past versions or stereotypes”.


A Mindset Change in Enterprise Mobility? 

The POI acknowledged that in contrast to development platforms, which have developed a reputation for requiring "lots of money and time", Zaptic is a "configurable mobility framework" allowing a more tailored fit based on ability to configure rapidly, without having to write code.


The POI recognised this "flexibility" as a key strength of Zaptic, appealing to the "art of possible" whereby the "UX has the potential to be anything you want it to be" based on business process requirements.  The POI suggests this new approach to enterprise mobility in the context of retail execution will require a "change in mindset", but Zaptic CEO Richard Milnes suggests the company is prepared for the challenge:


“We are proud to be recognised as innovative and unique by the POI,” said Milnes. "It is our belief that best practice ways of working should not be determined or limited by software purchases, but that software should provide the platform on which to develop new ways of working and best practice. This is what Zaptic is. In a dynamic retail landscape with changing routes to market, we will continue to focus on providing a mobility platform that equips our customers with the operational speed and agility to adapt to these changes."


POI also pointed to the high interest that Zaptic has gathered from investors and companies in many sectors and various sizes over a short time, and highlighted the company's adjacent offering - The Store Operations Cloud - which they "see retailers using to audit their own stores". CEO Milnes added that Zaptic "is on an exciting path and committed to delivering really outstanding results for its CPG and retail customers". 


About Zaptic

Zaptic is a cloud-based task mobility platform, enabling manufacturing and service companies to drive productivity in their deskless workforce with data intelligent mobile workflows. 


For consumer goods and retail companies, Zaptic's Retail Execution Cloud and Store Operations Cloud provide pre-configured functions alongside a highly configurable framework, enabling the execution of mobile strategies in days and weeks, not months and years.


About the Promotion Optimization Institute

POI brings together manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, analysts, academics, and other industry leaders with the specific objective of collaboratively improving the promotion and distribution of consumer goods. Members of POI share cross-functional best practices in both structured and informal settings. Additionally, members benefit through our industry alliances, the Certified Collaborative Marketer (CCM)™ program, and industry-leading summits around the globe. POI aims to instill a financial and metrics-based discipline not typically found with other trade groups. The goal of our innovative approach is collaborative promotion optimization. The focus is on the customer/shopper through sales, marketing, and merchandising strategies. Executive advisory boards keep us apprised of industry needs and help us provide desired outcomes for members, sponsors, and academia. For more information: Visit www.poinstitute.com or contact Michael Kantor Founder & CEO Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) 914-319-7309 mkantor@p-o-i.org


¹ Read the full Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods 2018 here:



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