Connected workers
and business continuity

Protect, produce and adapt during the pandemic. Rapidly design and deploy digital ways of working for frontline operations. 

  • Frontline Worker standing in a factory
  • Frontline Workers Collaborating
  • Safe Worker wearing PPE during pandemic

The connected worker platform to accelerate digital transformation of daily operations

Paperless Operations

" Less paperwork means more time making product"

Productivity and compliance is hard when procedures are paper-based, easy to ignore, difficult to update, track and analyse. Zaptic changes this.

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Paperless Operations

"Digitising our paper and spreadsheet workflows has given us immediate access to data, improved metrics and alerting, reduced onboarding time and a remote capability which has been critical through the Covid-19 pandemic".

Site Operations Manager, large US wine producer

Digital Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

" When our ideas are actioned, everyone is lifted"

Standardise work, empower problem solving and engage frontline employees in process improvement.
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"We've digitised autonomous maintenance procedures with visual representation of tasks and links to training documentation. This literally puts our catalogue of training resource in the operator's hand and eliminates the need for guesswork when performing tasks".

Operations Manager, global packaging manufacturer 


Training and onboarding

" Because products and equipment change, we have to constantly adapt our skills"

Interactive on the job guidance brings learning and doing together.

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Cross Trained Workforce
Leader Standard Work

Leader standard work

" Streamlining routines frees me up to coach the team and improve processes"

 Zaptic helps team leads make a habit of excellence, scaling high performance teamwork across your enterprise.

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Zaptic Improvement Cycle

Find out how Zaptic works

Set your people and operational performance free from siloed spreadsheets, paper procedures and tribal knowledge.

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