Digital transformation has created digital customers but not digital workers.

This is because we have sales, marketing and customer experience in the cloud but not operations in the cloud.
Zaptic is the best way to move frontline operations to the cloud for four very simple reasons.


One place for all your operations standards

By configuring workflows for every standard, you can:

• Erase silos created by having different client side applications for KPIs.

• Ensure everyone in your business network base their operations on the same information.

• Eliminate cost by replacing multiple tools with one asset monitoring and execution hub.



Configure locally, deploy rapidly

No need to call the IT guy, which means operational leaders can:

• Deploy systems quickly and build programs iteratively, one team, KPI or business unit at a time.

• React to changing business requirements by changing workflows and fields in minutes

• Build "field friendly" data models so that business is no longer constrained by the language of IT.


Future proof mobile client

Zaptic offers a hosted infrastructure with a flexible integrations framework and can be deployed off the shelf on demand, or work with any existing IT system.

• Source data from any device or system and display it intuitively for users to action in Zaptic.

• Send data back to any system, for a more enjoyable and scalable way to update ERP, CRM, PLM and MES systems.

• Future proof mobile client to support the latest mobile capabilities.



Upskill staff with gamified guidance

Because Zaptic's mission is to empower frontline workers for an age of automation we offer tools to:

• Deliver task specific knowledge, best practice guidance and data at the point of action.

• Seamlessly interact with 3rd party upskilling technologies such as augmented reality and image recognition.

• Build AI/ machine learning recommendation engines powered by the operations ontologies you build in Zaptic.

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