Who are we?

We believe Zaptic can change the future of industrial work for the better. To put people at the centre of digital transformation and unleash the value of human skill and knowledge. A future that fulfils human potential, provides meaningful work and elevates operational standards at scale. 

To achieve this vision we are developing and deploying powerful, user-centric software to connect frontline workers at the world’s most advanced industrial operations. We’re a small but growing team with big ambitions, who put workers first inside and outside of Zaptic. We are curious, growth-minded and we love a challenge." 

Does this sound like you?

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A bit about us

Zaptic evolved in 2016 out of a consultancy created by Richard, our CEO. Initially funded by angel investment from ex-Microsoft VPs, Zaptic is now a venture backed scale-up with a keen focus on putting humans at the centre of the Industry 4.0 revolution. 

Using Zaptic, global manufacturing and service organisations are closing an industry 4.0 blindspot by moving daily operations out of spreadsheets, paper and tribal knowledge. By doing so, they not only unlock measurable improvements in productivity, quality and safety, but also enable a smooth transfer of knowledge between the retiring and new generation of workers to improve market resiliency.


We believe in:



Transparency is a core value at Zaptic this means that information is democratised to everyone.



Employees are humans, not parts in a machine. Everyone at Zaptic starts at 100% trust and autonomy. When in doubt, act!.


Continuous Improvement

If everyday we make something a little bit better, we believe that we are trending to perfection.



Whenever faced with a decision, we always choose the simplest viable option. Simple is the default here.



We believe that efficiency is the result of transparency, autonomy, improvement and simplicity.


Perks & Benefits


Because everyone is trusted with autonomy, we’re flexible on working hours.

Remote work

We give everyone the option to choose between working from home or going to the office.

25 days anual leave

We offer everyone 25 days anual leave + bank holidays

Free dev time

Devs can spend time working on anything for half a day in the sprint.

Gym membership

We offer gym memberships to everyone based in Manchester.

Personal learning budget

Because we believe in continuous improvement, we believe in helping people develop. Everyone gets a generous L&D budget and time to learn new things.


Working at Zaptic means flexibility, trust and inclusivity


8 Nationalities

We are inclusive and actively seek different perspectives from all kinds of backgrounds.


We #slack about everything

Not all slack channels have to be about work. We like to talk about other things like #good-reads or #fluffy-animals (and yes our office is dog-friendly).


We value each other

We want to make sure good work does not go unnoticed so we like to praise people not just on our meetings but also our #praise channel.

Here are some of our clients

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  • Monster
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  • Danone
  • Hovis
  • Henkel
  • Seqirus
  • Lallemand
  • Solenis
  • Celgard Logo