COVID-19 Safe Workplace Package


Designed to help all types of operations rapidly create a COVID-19 secure workplace and new digital ways of working for the new normal, the package includes:


  • Five pre-configured digital workflow templates for COVID-19 risk control, developed with - and used by - essential manufacturers since the start of the crisis.

  • Access to Zaptic's leading no-code toolkit, enabling easy customisation of COVID-19 templates, and rapid creation and deployment of new digital ways of working for your operation.

  • Available with a 24 hour deployment time. No preconditions - no integrations, hardware or IT expertise required, just mobile devices.


1. Daily site entry compliance survey and dashboard

Daily COVID-19 health questionnaire for permanent staff, visitors and contractors, with follow up workflows and site entry compliance dashboard.

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2. COVID-19 safe workplace audit 

Gemba style checklist audit for managers based on governmental guidance and manufacturing best practice.
With scorecard, issue log and action tracking. 



"The solution enabled us to rapidly deploy new safety, sanitation and distancing measures on site, providing ready made workflows and a remote management capability to make our own adjustments".

                                                                                                  HSE Site Leader at a UK Specialty Chemical Manufacturer


3. Cleaning guidance and tracking 

Schedule and track COVID-19 cleaning tasks.

Best practice cleaning and disposal guidance for known or suspected cases of COVID-19.

Cleaning adherence dashboard and action tracking.

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4. Virtual hygiene & sanitation training

Mobile video learning modules kept up to date with the latest guidance with training completion dashboard.

Replace face to face training with virtual on the job learning.



5. COVID-19 adjusted near miss and hazard observation 

Mobile near miss and hazard observation reporting updated for COVID-19 risk control points.

Near miss analytics dashboard.

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What exactly is included in the package?

  • Five COVID-19 pre-configured procedure templates
  • Dashboards to track adherence and COVID-19 safety indicators 
  • Unlimited mobile app users 
  • Two portal administrator user licences 
  • User training and project manager from Zaptic’s customer success team
  • Private, secure cloud for your organisation

For how long? 

Two months. This is a limited time offer to help organisations re-start operations as safely and efficiently as possible following lockdown, available until 31st August 2020.

Is there a cost for my organisation?

£500 one off fee (for organisations not yet customers of Zaptic).  

The package is free of charge for existing customers of the Zaptic platform.

Can the workflows be customised to my operation?

Yes, all workflows are editable without code utilising Zaptic's no code workflow authoring platform. 

Do I need resource to deploy the solution? 

We recommend that you nominate one project manager from your site to co-ordinate user training and account creation. Because the workflows are pre-configured, very little set up work is required. 

Who is the package for? 

Manufacturing or service organisations aiming to deploy new safety, hygiene, distancing and remote work measures to create a COVID-19 secure site operation. 

What happens after the two month period?

The COVID-19 procedures remain available for continued usage by subscribing to a Zaptic platform package. This would enable you and your teams the opportunity to digitise many other paper based procedures and daily management systems.

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"We've used the Zaptic tool since the start of the pandemic and had practically no change to our day in, day out business operations...I don't even know how we would be able to manage the several documents, spreadsheets and various forms everyone would have to access without it".

Gary Baltremi, Senior Operations Manager, Large US wine producer


How one US wine producer created a COVID-19 secure operation with Zaptic.

Since the start of the crisis leading manufacturers have used Zaptic to deploy COVID-19 adjusted procedures to keep employees safe and maintain production. Many of these capabilities are now immediately available with the COVID-19 Safe Workplace Package