For perfect store execution

The Retail Execution solution giving agility to consumer goods manufacturers, and a gamified mobile experience to field agents. 

Check.png Drive sales in-store
Check.png Save money with more agile software
Check.png Make field work fun


Engage your entire business network in support of your in-store execution

From internal and external field teams, to head office employees and 'the crowd' - get everyone collaborating on Zaptic in pursuit of the perfect store.



Gamify merchandizing activities to improve productivity and the employee experience.


Trade Compliance

Streamline and standardise audit, integrate digital merchandizing, and provide guided corrective actions to agents in store.


Field Sales

A range of guided selling tools to help field agents maximize sell in and sell out. 


Mystery Shopping

Guide mystery shoppers through a standardized process in- store and close the feedback loop for faster corrective action. 

Engage and motivate field agents with gamification

- Configure game mechanics - leaderboards, points, badges and more - to incentivize sales generating actions.

- Align individual incentives with you retail execution KPIs.

- Reward employees and celebrate awesome in-store execution.

Retail Activity Base.png
Retail Process Flow.png

Upskill every store call - with guided task execution

- Guide field agents through every step in the store call process.

- Upskill corrective actions with real-time decision guidance and instructions.

- Turn every store call into a high productivity event.


Speed and agility - with simple campaign configuration

- Design, launch and edit project details in minutes without the need for IT support. 

- Build a library of best practice field process templates and deploy to campaigns with all the complexities of a nation-wide call cycle.

- Define KPI targets, workflows and monitor performance at store, item and user level.



The Retail Execution Cloud combines the agility offered by Zaptic's platform capabilities with a suite of field sales and marketing functions designed in collaboration with world leading CPG brands.
1.png  Visit Planner

Complete visit and calendar management integrated with every agent's call file. 


1.png  Route Optimizer

Agents love that Zaptic can automatically tell them the fastest route between visits.


1.png  Store Attributes, Timeline

and Scorecards

Easy access to the most recent store information helps agents prepare for their visits.


1.png  Guided Execution & Reporting

Agents follow best practice store call steps and 'next best actions' with a complete range of intuitive data capture tools. 


1.png  Guided Selling & Training

Easy access to insights, sales & training aids helps agents to provide value-added service to store staff & managers.


1.png  Offline & BYOD Support

Continuous synchronization guarantees agents have a reliable work tool, no matter what the device. 


1.png  Controls & Accountability

Triangulated GPS, time stamp and photo verification to ensure work gets done correctly.


1.png  Execution & KPI Analytics

Real-time visibility on team activity, execution coverage & KPI performance. Integration to preferred BI tools supported.


1.png  Feedback on the Feedback

Managers can provide feedback on the activities being performed in the field. 

Integrate and automate for a connected field force

Deploy off the shelf or integrate with any number of enterprise systems or 3rd party apps to connect users with relevant data and connected tools


Any Data Source

Present actionable insights to help agents sell & serve stores better. Display any data source - ePos, inventory, market data, shelf IoT and more - to prioritize next best actions with retail activity optimization. 

Any System of Record

Make sure the field and head office are working on the same page. Mobilize and synchronize CRM, ERP and other systems with retail execution activities. 

Any 3rd party App

A range of supported integrations to ensure your agents have access to all the latest tech capabilities in one place - image recognition, augmented reality,  messaging and more.