The no code platform to connect frontline manufacturing teams

Zaptic is a connected worker platform providing job instruction and collaboration for frontline teams, and a no-code toolkit designed to accelerate digital transformation of daily operations.


Zaptic Improvement Cycle



"The platform is so intuitive and offers such freedom in building standardised workflows and issue escalations. For checks and standard work procedures we can predefine process steps with visual representation, literally putting our training catalogue in the operator’s hand, eliminating the need for guesswork when performing tasks"

Operations Manager at Large Global Plastic Packaging Manufacturer 


Digitise Operational Standards

Digitise operational standards

Interactive procedures: Build interactive, step by step work instructions with routing for complex decision trees. Visualise process steps with images, videos and links to documentation. 

Knowledge base: Object oriented content management system to ensure that relevant process documentation is immediately accessible to workers at the point of use, specific to the asset, task or issue in context. 

Task management: Schedule jobs, audits, checklists for each area and shift, and assign follow up actions to resolve deviations. User's get a streamlined to-do list to help them keep on task. 



"Zaptic is like a lego set..providing the capabilities to build multiple procedures in one application, and deploy very fast to the shop floor".

 International Digital Transformation Manager, Laundry and Home Care Manufacturer 


Empower Frontline Teams

Collaborative problem solving: Teams solve issues faster with real time issue escalation, action tracking and discussion threads tied to every event. 

Process data: Instance access to process data, and issue logs at changeover informs better decision making on shift. 

Skills management: Build interactive training modules and automated training completion metrics to analyse skills gaps. 

Empower Frontline Teams
Improve Processes

Improve processes

Change management: Give subject matter experts collaborator rights to edit, update and improve standards in a controlled way. 

Reporting and analytics: Configurable dashboard reporting to visualise KPIs, losses and improvement opportunities. Access from anywhere, anytime.   

Best practices templates: Create a library of best practice process templates to share across sites. 


"Zaptic is a very fluid system and organisation structures and assigned tasks can be changed quickly within the software to meet business needs, as I am doing now in the great COVID 19 panic buy of 2020!" 

Gary Manchester, Senior Engineering Manager, P&G Manchester 


Managing advanced data models

Centrally manage standard workflows and procedures for common assets across the globe, while still supporting local variations in execution

Integrate with key systems such as MES and ERP

Aggregate comparable data from many sites to create one standard view of execution for central teams 


Integration Capabilities

Connect workers to alerts, machine data and process documentation from other systems.

Automate workflows for workers with ERP, MES and IOT systems to reduce stoppage time, get greater process visibility and increase mean time between failures. 

Extend systems of record to your frontline workforce for key use cases such as mobile maintenance, asset management and centrelining.