The no code platform built for operational teams

Zaptic is a connected worker platform providing job assistance and collaboration for frontline teams, and a no-code toolkit designed to accelerate digital transformation of daily operations.

Digitise Operational Standards

Digitise operational standards

Knowledge base: Bring standard operating procedures, work instructions and troubleshooting guides to life with in-line video, images, decision trees and more

Task management: Make standards and production procedures easy to follow with interactive to-do lists, prompts and guided workflows

Process traceability: Track process adherence, analyse losses and improve data integrity


Empower Frontline Teams

Idea and knowledge management: Increase employee improvement ideas and institutionalise process knowledge with shared multimedia lessons from the frontline.  

Issue and action management: Solve problems faster with real time issue escalation and action tracking

Skills management: Close skill gaps faster with interactive training for every procedure and automated skill matrix

Empower Frontline Teams
Improve Processes

Improve processes

Change management: Give subject matter experts collaborator rights to edit, update and improve standards

Process improvement analytics: Visualise performance with loss trees, pareto charts and opportunities

Best practices templates: Want to see what others think best practice looks like ? Get in touch as we’re developing a library of best practices for lean manufacturing professionals.

Zaptic provides solutions for:

Paperless operations

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Continuous improvement

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Leader standard work

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Cross-trained workforce

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