How one US wine producer is maintaining business continuity during the pandemic


Managing safe, productive plant operations during the COVID-19 crisis


Watch the video to learn how paperless operations and a connected workforce has enabled a large US wine producer to maintain productivity and safety during the COVID-19 crisis. As Gary Beltrami - a Senior Operations Manager - explains,  transitioning to more remote working practices in response to the crisis has been "seamless in nature".


"We've used the Zaptic tool and had practically no change to our day in, day out business operations"..."I don't even know, without the tool, how we would be able to manage the several documents, spreadsheets and various forms everyone would have to access without it". 


In early 2019, Gary oversaw the deployment of Zaptic as a way to begin the "digitization of a number of areas in their operation which were paper based, spreadsheet based, or regular old printed off forms like changeover pass down sheets and many other things of that nature".


Gary lists some of the benefits they've experienced during the current crisis. 


  • "Rather than doing face to face changeovers, we now do digital changeovers. The operators fill out their changeovers and digitally meet to go through their shift passdowns"


  • "We also have the ability to remotely "assign tasks and track completion through live documentation which is searchable". 


  • "We have also had the ability to maintain and process data visibility throughout every level of our organisation; supervisor to operator, supervisor to manager, and all the way up to executive leadership". 


"Zaptic is a tool that we look forward to using, and figuring out even more ways to strengthen our business with in the future". 


Rapidly implement new safety, hygiene, distancing and remote working measures to create a COVID-19 safe workplace


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