Zaptic announced today that it has been listed by Gartner’s Marketing Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry¹ among the leading vendors of mobile based solutions “to provide up and down transparency to retail conditions and tools to improve sales execution and reporting”.


In the detailed review of the retail execution market and technology vendors within it, Gartner acknowledges Zaptic’s retail activity optimization and data leverage features such as route optimisation, data-driven task prioritisation, in-flight analytics and image capture.


The guide highlights Zaptic’s capacity to support retail merchandising, distributor management and direct store delivery as well as the company’s adjacent experience in POS data management and display for field execution, and in foodservice and store operations. Zaptic’s ability to apply gamification and game mechanics to the execution of tasks, is highlighted as another “notable platform functionality”.

The Gartner guide notes that “not every solution provider has the implementations and experience, or is built for every consumer goods subsector”, making Zaptic stand out as a solution by which “all the major consumer goods subsectors are covered.”


Improving execution in a way that grows business

Gartner’s conclusion that “Success as it relates to retail sales execution is about focus, consistency and transparency” has been upheld by Zaptic since it first offered a REM solution in 2015. As Zaptic CEO Richard Milnes suggests:


“Here at Zaptic, we believe that customers should be provided with a platform which enables them to leverage data to drive decision-making and business growth; to continuously improve ways of working and best practice in response to the dynamic retail landscape; and to effectively communicate with their field teams.”


As Gartner points out, to successfully implement a REM solution, it needs to be deployed “in a way that makes it easy for the field.” With a team of developers with backgrounds in game development and computer animation, Zaptic is committed to offering a millennial user-experience in the field and delivering outstanding results for its customers.


About Zaptic

Zaptic is a cloud-based task mobility platform, enabling manufacturing and service companies to drive productivity in their deskless workforce with data intelligent mobile workflows. 


For consumer goods and retail companies, Zaptic's Retail Execution Cloud and Store Operations Cloud provide pre-configured functions alongside a highly configurable framework, enabling the execution of mobile strategies in days and weeks, not months and years.


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¹ You can find Gartner's Market Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry here: