How it works

Manufacturing, retail and service brands can transform their ability to measure and improve
operations standards in 5 simple steps using the Zaptic platform.

1. Upload business assets for monitoring

Create a digital hub of your frontline operations to enable users to report against your key business assets.


4. Make work fun with gamification

Users earn points and achievement badges for completing activities to increase productivity and engagement.


5. Send data to and from IT systems, or keep it in Zaptic

Systems of record – A more enjoyable, faster and scalable way to get data to your ERP, PLM, CRM and MES

Connected assets and devices – display data formats and alerts tied to any monitored asset in Zaptic

Keep it in Zaptic – Keep all or some (e.g. photos) of your data in Zaptic


Future proof mobile client

The Zaptic app turns all your monitoring and execution workflows into a consistent, mobile-first user experience supporting all the latest capabilities to upskill your frontline workforce.
1.png  Barcode Scanning

To quickly look up any asset and its data in the field.


1.png  Image Capture

Store and search photos in Zaptic, even if other data is sent to another integrated system.


1.png  Signature

Ditch the paperwork with sign on glass.


1.png  GPS location data and


Get control and visibility on the compliance and efficiency of every field activity.


1.png  Route Optimizer

Reduce idle time in field with guidance between locations.


1.png  Planner

Automated or Self serve activity scheduling with calendar support.


1.png  Earn Points & Badges

Busy bees get rewarded with points, badges and trips to Hawaii (maybe).


1.png  Asset Timeline

Static and live data feeds display all previous activity on the location or asset.


1.png  Single sign on with Auth0

Users can login to Zaptic with their usual details for other apps.


But wait, that's not all

The app works in occasionally connected mode and its totally platform and device agnostic

Get started for free

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