Mobile work request & work order

management for a connected workforce  


 Improve resolution times with increased transparency, accountabilityof work requests and related work orders on site. Trusted by world class manufacturers and easy to deploy in a day.     


"We have empowered our operational teams to highlight issues through a hand held tablet, and guide team members through a process of escalation which is automated through the Zaptic system".

Site operations manager, global packaging manufacturer.


Raise work requests 

Easily customise the fields and logic in your work request form. 

Anyone with access to a mobile device can raise a work request where and when they see the issue. 

Requesters capture data, images and videos to describe the problem in full detail. 






Process work requests and assign work orders from anywhere 

Instantly receive notifications and review open work requests in a single view, on a mobile device or desktop. 

Reject or approve before assigning work orders to resolve issues. Assign due dates and attach instructions, checklists or other forms to be filled out with the completion of the work order.

Start a conversation thread in-line to the work request to aid a faster resolution. 

Create workflows to automatically alert and / or assign work orders to the relevant technician based on asset, location or department.


"With Zaptic we're quickly moving to a world where issues are highlighted before they become problems and actions are  undertaken before issues lead to unplanned downtime, customer quality concerns or even worse, accidents and injury".

Operations Manager, global packaging manufacturer 




Mobile execution of work orders 

Work orders appear on technicians' personalised to-do list with 'due by' dates and reminder notifications / emails. 

Technician's can view original work request including images to paint a full picture of the problem as identified by the requester / operator. Access work instructions or manuals to aid completion of the job. 

Fill out completed work order form and capture photos or upload files as evidence of successfully completed work. 


Track action completion and close the feedback loop on work requests 

Track and follow up outstanding actions to resolve work requests. 

Set automatic reminder and escalation emails / notifications. 

Visualise the status of work requests and work orders for the shop floor, to keep everyone accountable and up to date about the status of work. 

Visualise KPIs and which work requests relate to safety, quality, maintenance etc. 



Trusted by world class manufacturers and easy to deploy in a single day.

No IT or hardware prerequisites. 




Paperless operations helps wine producer maintain continuity during the Covid-19 crisis.

Since the start of the crisis leading manufacturers have used Zaptic to create new digital ways of working in order to maintain social distance, and to rapidly implement new safety, cleaning, hygiene and remote working measures.