Senior Typescript/React Developer

Zaptic is a fast-growing, venture backed start-up changing the future of industrial work by delivering contextualised on the job assistance to frontline workers. Our connected worker application is already a key part of the Industry 4.0 and operational excellence journey for some of the world’s largest manufacturers, and is helping to shape the role of people in the future of industrial work.

The role

We're looking for people that will bring in new knowledge and experience to the team while contributing to the existing codebase. The role is mostly to find solutions to technical problems and implement features/fix bugs. We want someone that can be trusted to pick up the next priority from the board and make progress on it, involving the relevant people and asking questions when needed.
There is an opportunity to get involved in feature planning, mentoring, and solving complex problems like eventual data consistency, distributed offline collaboration or scaling databases and ops.


  1. Able to work autonomously as part of team

  2. Experience with typescript required

  3. Experience as a web developer required

  4. Knowledge of NodeJS (Express/Koa) and React

  5. Knowledge of PostgreSQL is a plus

  6. Experience with Elm or functional programming is a plus


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