The Store Operations Guide: How to improve in-store standards with a leaner workforce?

Mila Budeva
Mila Budeva
Nov 17, 2017

Retailers are facing a serious challenge:

How to maintain and improve in-store execution standards with a leaner
workforce on the shop floor?

How to do more with less by significantly improving the productivity of their frontline workforce?

To achieve this seemingly impossible balance, retailers need to re-think the design, communication and execution of store operations and implement a smarter, leaner, digitised approach.


Learn how, with the help of new productivity and collaboration technologies, to:

zaptic-form-tick.png optimise the time and efforts of area managers and store associates for a perfect balance between executional excellence in-store and operating costs.

zaptic-form-tick.png transform retail audit from post-hoc reporting to a real-time, continuous and predictive capability.

zaptic-form-tick.png implement gamification of store operations and workplace flexibility to improve in-store productivity and employee retention.