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The importance of continuous reinvention in brick and mortar retail

Toys R Us has announced that it will close all its stores in the US and the UK, putting 30,000 jobs at risk [1]. Earlier this week, Claire’s Accessories was reported to be preparing for bankruptcy [2]. In the end of February, Maplin, one of the UK’s biggest electronics retailers with more than 200 stores and 2,300 staff, also collapsed into administration.

How to improve in-store merchandising in 3 tech-enabled steps 

Despite predictions of a “Retail Armageddon” with brick and mortar retailers facing rising e-commerce competition and increasing financial pressures, 94% of all retail sales in the U.S. still take place in physical stores.

The Pros and Cons of Centralising Merchandising Execution and Compliance

In-store merchandising decisions so bad they are actually good

In-store merchandising is an essential aspect of store operations with non-compliance and poor execution resulting in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

Merchandising Tips to Help Physical Stores Shine this Christmas

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, this year’s holiday shoppers will spend an estimated $228 more per household than last year [1]. To make the most of the holiday season, brick and mortar retailers need to respond to e-commerce competition and growing customer expectations of a seamless, digital-like in-store experience.

Coaching Networks - how to upskill the frontline workforce for an age of automation?

The rapid development of technology has faced the frontline workforce with a two-fold challenge.

The Store Operations Guide: How to improve in-store standards with a leaner workforce?

Retailers are facing a serious challenge:

How to maintain and improve in-store execution standards with a leaner
workforce on the shop floor?

How to do more with less by significantly improving the productivity of their frontline workforce?

How to Upskill Your Frontline Workforce with Guided Task Execution

“There's an app for that”, said no Operations Director ever. Until now.

In this video, you'll learn how retail, services and manufacturing companies are using Zaptic to simplify task execution in-store and along supply chains, driving productivity and compliance in their frontline operations.

5 Essential Software Functionalities to Drive Frontline Operations (and how to implement them)

The proliferation of cloud, mobile, social and analytics technologies have transformed desk-bound work.

Is Uber-style Flexibility the Key to Lower Employee Turnover in Retail?

According to Bloomberg [1], employee turnover in the retail sector is 5% per month, making retail one of the industries with the lowest retention rates. Employees’ reasons for leaving are diverse and interconnected – from dissatisfaction with payment and management to monotony of daily tasks.

How Can Gamification Improve Store Operations?

Gamification is the application of typical elements of gameplay such as rules of play, point scoring, milestones and competition to professional activity, aimed to encourage employee engagement.

Should Planogram Compliance Matter?

A recent study shows that only 11% of retailers see planogram or store layout compliance as a priority KPI when measuring store performance [1]. Instead, retail operations leaders prioritise KPIs such as

How to Reduce Inventory Shrinkage in 4 Simple Steps

In 2016, inventory shrinkage cost US retailers $49 billion with 47% of retailers surveyed reporting annual increase in overall inventory shrinkage [1].

How can Physical Stores Thrive with Smarter Store Operations? [Infographic]

Despite predictions of its demise relative to e- and m-commerce, the physical store remains the most important consumer touch point.

From Retail Audits to Predictive Store Execution!

In our recent article, we discussed how technology is changing the way operational auditing is conducted, transforming the concept from post-hoc reporting to a real-time, continuous and predictive capability.

How Are Tech-Enabled Audits Improving Operational Visibility?

The advancement of automation and mobile technology is disrupting how operational audits are performed. 

The Hectic Day of a Store Associate as Illustrated by Our Favourite Cat Gifs

With retailers increasingly relying on leaner, more flexible workforces, store associates are expected to be even more productive, doing more and more diverse tasks in less time.

How Can Area Managers Do More with Less?

Area managers have many and diverse responsibilities – from maximising sales and profitability, through maintaining and increasing customer service standards and health and safety compliance, to controlling staff training and development. So much to do and only so much time!

What does the future of work look like for store associates?

Cornerstone Capital Group’s latest report predicts that nearly 7 million retail jobs are likely to be automated out of existence in the coming years, leaving a large portion of the retail workforce at risk of becoming ‘stranded workers’ [1].

5 Productivity Quotes and How to Put Them Into Practice In-store

Rising e-tail competition and economic pressure has led many retailers to remove operating cost with a leaner and more flexible workforce. The challenge for retailers is to maintain and improve in-store standards with a leaner workforce on the shop floor.

How to do more with less in-store? (3 Steps to Smarter Store Operations)

Despite predictions of its demise relative to e- and m-commerce, the physical store remains the most important consumer touch point. 

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