Insights - Retail Execution and Monitoring

The Retail Execution Cloud - Zaptic and Exsellence Case Study

What does a working day with Zaptic look like for a Business Development Executive and their Commercial Manager?

How to improve retail execution with gamification

Numerous studies have examined the reasons that motivate people to play games – including high sense of achievement, instant gratification, competition, break from tedious tasks.

How to improve in-store merchandising in 3 tech-enabled steps 

Despite predictions of a “Retail Armageddon” with brick and mortar retailers facing rising e-commerce competition and increasing financial pressures, 94% of all retail sales in the U.S. still take place in physical stores.

The Pros and Cons of Centralising Merchandising Execution and Compliance

Why Retail Sales Is All About Operational Excellence

Most people would think that sales are driven by teams of sales people. Well, of course this is true in nearly all cases, but there is one case where sales numbers depend more on operations execution than sales activities. 

Coaching Networks - how to upskill the frontline workforce for an age of automation?

The rapid development of technology has faced the frontline workforce with a two-fold challenge.

How to Upskill Your Frontline Workforce with Guided Task Execution

“There's an app for that”, said no Operations Director ever. Until now.

In this video, you'll learn how retail, services and manufacturing companies are using Zaptic to simplify task execution in-store and along supply chains, driving productivity and compliance in their frontline operations.

5 Essential Software Functionalities to Drive Frontline Operations (and how to implement them)

The proliferation of cloud, mobile, social and analytics technologies have transformed desk-bound work.

Zaptic and Unilever: Boosting Sales Force ROI with Retail Activity Optimisation

The case study illustrates how Zaptic enabled Unilever Portugal to use mobile, cloud and data analytics capabilities to improve

How Are Tech-Enabled Audits Improving Operational Visibility?

The advancement of automation and mobile technology is disrupting how operational audits are performed. 

How to Build an Exponential Sales and Customer Engagement Organisation? (Part I)

Airbnb and Uber are obvious examples of Exponential Organisations, disrupting the hotel and taxi industries, succeeding without owning a single room/car. However, ExponentialOrganisations are not limited to Silicon Valley tech start-ups.

The Zaptic Digital Operational Excellence Series

With 90% of sales still taking place in bricks and mortar for many categories, millennials have high in-store expectations, but offline experience attributes and operations are too often omitted in digital transformation initiatives.

How you are miscalculating your on shelf availability score and what to do about it?

On the surface, it might seem like calculating OSA scores is simplistic. However, complexity arises when attempting to calculate OSA scores across different regions, stores and time periods.

Retail Activity Optimisation Beyond EPOS Data Sources

The Promotion Optimisation Institute and Gartner similarly introduce Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) as the leveraging of EPOS data to help field sales forces identify which stores represent the highest turnover opportunities and what the required actions in-store are.

How Can CPGs and Retailers Digitally Improve Bricks and Mortar Operations?

Consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) and retailers, share the common goal of continuously improving customer experience.

Discover Zaptic - The User-Friendly Process Cloud

Let's take a quick video journey to see how Zaptic empowers the workforce and enables consumer goods companies to realise digital operational excellence in retail execution.

How to Do More with Less to Maximise Execution Coverage

Retail execution and monitoring is a complex yet necessary process to win at the shelf. Suppliers, brokers, distributors and retailers all work together to ensure brand standards are met, and consumer expectations satisfied.

Six Steps to Next-Gen Retail Execution and Monitoring

The good news for CPG execs is that rapid developments in cloud, mobile, social and analytics technologies have presented  an opportunity to improve the customer experience through digital transformation.

Demystifying the Excess Tools in Retail Execution and Monitoring

Technology has had a wide-reaching impact on retail. E- and m-commerce have become central aspects of a digital customer experience.

Omni-channel Retail Execution and Monitoring in Megacities

Today there are 35 megacities worldwide, cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. Rapid urbanisation has presented consumer goods companies (CPGs) with great opportunities and challenges.

7 Must-Have Features to Win at Retail Execution and Monitoring

Using the latest applications of data analytics, cloud, social and gamified app experience, we present an infographic with the list of features, which when implemented creates a tool that supports continuous process improvements in retail execution and monitoring:

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