Insights - Digital Operational Excellence

4 Benefits of Field Force Automation

Many industries have a large deskless workforce, deployed across countries and even continents to perform a diverse set of tasks. This poses several challenges – how can organisations ensure that:

• frontline workers, regardless of their location, are following the same standards of operational execution and compliance;

How to prepare for a retiring workforce

The Zaptic Digital Operational Excellence Series

With 90% of sales still taking place in bricks and mortar for many categories, millennials have high in-store expectations, but offline experience attributes and operations are too often omitted in digital transformation initiatives.

The 3G Capital Playbook of the Future - Digital Operational Excellence

How does a 32-year old who has never worked in a restaurant, nor climbed the corporate ladder, become the CEO of a company as big as Burger King?

How Digital Workers Create Happy Customers with Digital Operational Excellence

The proliferation of productivity and collaboration tools in the workplace reflects the business value in digitalising routine processes, allowing workers to focus on value-adding actions.

How Can CPGs and Retailers Digitally Improve Bricks and Mortar Operations?

Consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) and retailers, share the common goal of continuously improving customer experience.

Discover Zaptic - The User-Friendly Process Cloud

Let's take a quick video journey to see how Zaptic empowers the workforce and enables consumer goods companies to realise digital operational excellence in retail execution.

Why CPGs and Retailers Must Address the Gap in Digital Transformations

Millennials as a consumer group are expected to spend $10 trillion over their lifetimes in the USA alone.

Six Steps to Next-Gen Retail Execution and Monitoring

The good news for CPG execs is that rapid developments in cloud, mobile, social and analytics technologies have presented  an opportunity to improve the customer experience through digital transformation.

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