The Retail Execution Cloud - Zaptic and Exsellence Case Study

Mila Budeva
Mila Budeva
Mar 26, 2018

What does a working day with Zaptic look like for a Business Development Executive and their Commercial Manager?

Rhys Morgan, Commercial Manager at Exsellence and Andy Begg, BDE for Pladis told us more about the work challenges that they faced and how the Zaptic Retail Execution Cloud has helped them to overcome these.



What are the challeges?

At the head office


• Legacy solutions tend to create IT dependency, meaning that changing or updating any aspect of the field operation takes time and is outside of managers' control.

• Managers have limited control and visibility over operational compliance.


• Data and information are dispersed across systems, making it difficult to turn into action and use to continuously drive process improvement and agents' performance.


For agents in the field

In Andy's own words,

“The system we used to use was so inefficient you’d constantly be reporting to your manager with issues."


Equipping agents in the field with unresponsive technology can hinder rather than help them, taking up their time to report issues with the technology rather than use the technology to achieve more during their store call.


How has the Zaptic Retail Execution Cloud helped change this?

"Zaptic enables us to make changes and get change very quickly onto our BDE's device. I can do that myself without bringing in any IT teams, making it very efficient."

 as Rhys Morgan observes.


Zaptic helps the head office to specify step by step what BDEs need to do on their store call and ensures that they collect data at every data point. The data is then brought all into one place and used to identify development areas and upskill every agent in the field, helping to drive results in-store.


For agents, Zaptic offers a user-friendly mobile experience , enabling them to prioritise the locations that represent the highest incremental turnover opportunities, maximise their impact in-store and do more in less time.


As Andy notes,

 "...with Zaptic there’s constant support there. It’s so much easier to use and it helps you prioritise your day”


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