The Future of the Connected Worker – Unlocking & Unleashing Your Frontline Workers' Time and Creativity

Tom Hughes
Tom Hughes
Jul 19, 2021

After 35 years of running factories and implementing Lean, TPM and the P&G way called IWS, I always struggled with the amount of paper, checklists, verifications, health checks, data, boards, and admin our people and team leaders had to manage, I always thought I was meant to be empowering the people not weighing them down.


For many years we tried many in-house or expensive digital solutions to try and move towards paperless work and reducing the amount of non-value added time. Unfortunately, the technology was just not mature or available at a reasonable cost to truly enable our employees to reduce these losses and move faster towards a digital future.


That was when I retired, then by chance I met Sandy and Richard, they introduced me to Zaptic, it was a wow.


Zaptic is a system in which your own people can master in hours and start digitising complex standard work and other processes in days, with the added ability to share this knowledge either directly with the teams or with visual displays, digital boards or via any mobile device.


I now feel as passionate about Zaptic as I do about the P&G way and Lean, I can see a bright future in which our people are unleashed to drive out losses and build their skills and capability in a truly digital and Connected worker way.


I am now part of the Zaptic family, we can arrange a demonstration of Zaptic and a conversation, please contact me via Linked in or to take the next step.