How you are miscalculating your on shelf availability score and what to do about it?

Mila Budeva
Mila Budeva
Apr 13, 2017

On the surface, it might seem like calculating OSA scores is simplistic. However, complexity arises when attempting to calculate OSA scores across different regions, stores and time periods.

It becomes increasingly complex when you consider supermarket chains that operate around the globe. Adding to these considerations, OSA scores are so commonly used that they have become a frozen standard and very few companies are actually aware of the correct way to calculate them.


In this paper, we illustrate how OSA scores can be miscalculated with up to 10% inaccuracy with traditional methods. As pointed out earlier, this could mean $5 million worth of lost opportunity to increase efficiency. 


Higher OSA scores mean higher customer satisfaction which could lead to brand loyalty, something that is critical for competitive advantage over others. Learn how to calculate your OSA scores accurately!