An Introductory Guide to Connected Workforce Transformations

Mar 8, 2021

What is a Connected Worker Platform?

Connected worker platforms (CWPs) are used by leading industrial companies in their Industry 4.0 strategy to empower frontline teams with modern connectivity and digital tools in order to drive improvements in safety, quality, delivery, and cost.The landscape of connected worker solutions is a fragmented and rapidly growing category of technology. Software solutions span immersive experiences to workflow collaboration tools with support for PC, mobile and wearable devices, plus integration strategies and investments in AI to support advanced recommendation engines.


Why adopt a connected worker solution now?

The sharp rise in the adoption of connected worker solutions is due to a tipping point being reached based on the convergence of 3 important trends in manufacturing:


  1. Knowledge erosion and a widening skills gap in the manufacturing workforce.

  2. The primacy of worker safety and the effect of COVID-19 on rates of digital adoption.

  3. Data proliferation generated by Industry 4.0 investments and the need to digitally enable workers in order to unlock the value of I4.0.

By successfully delivering on their connected workforce transformations, manufacturers will secure competitive advantage by transforming their ability to utilise Industry 4.0 technologies in the workforce, onboard workers more efficiently and leverage new labour models, and by transforming their ability to do continuous improvement with new levels of standardisation and visibility in frontline work execution.


Embarking on the connected workforce journey - a guide

Zaptic's Guide to Connected Workforce Transformation aims to act as a primer for manufacturing and IT leaders embarking on their connected workforce journey. It will outline the functionalities, use cases and business justification of connected worker solutions, before outlining the risks of a siloed, short-termist approach, compared to the benefits of a centrally coordinated multi-site approach.

Finally, some practical advice will be offered about how to structure connected workforce deployments to achieve both rapid time to value at site level, combined with a platform architecture to sustain and scale operational excellence globally.


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