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Zaptic accelerates HSEQ journeys from

grudging compliance to best practice culture.

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Digitally transform HSEQ, one process or project at a time 

Software made for operational people, by operational people, with operational people 


Construction & Civil Engineering

Digitise and mobilise HSEQ management for every type of construction site from major highways and structures works to town centre infrastructure, household waste sites and business parks.  



Whether FMCG or automotive, national or multi-national, Zaptic helps eradicate silos, standardise procedures and raise HSEQ standards across all your sites. 



Manage risks, reduce incidents and injuries and engage your workforce in continuous HSE improvement 


Facilities Management

Measure, improve and sustain the highest HSEQ standards across all project and property types. From catering to security, maintenance to landscaping. 

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Digitise and mobilise any standard operating procedure 

- Turn any SOP into an interactive campaign, managed and executed from any device


- From hygiene and equipment handling, to supplier conformance and incident reporting. Standardise procedures globally, but cascade and customise locally


- Customise your reporting and data models for powerful risk, incident and root cause analysis by country, division, supplier, site etc. 


- Deliver procedures via the app in local languages, but retain consistent reporting across countries in one language. 


Simplify, engage and incentivise best practice on site 

- Step by step execution guidance and training for any HSEQ procedure.

- Streamline all on site HSEQ reporting with mobile.

- Near miss, incident, BBOs, quality reporting, root cause analysis etc.

- Gamify and reward the sharing of observations and improvement opportunities on the frontline.

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Powerful risk, incident and root cause reporting

- Filter KPIs by countries, teams, sites, root causes and more 

- Comply with all record keeping requirements

- Automate alerts and co-ordinate corrective actions


Integrate and automate

 Synchronise Zaptic with your back office systems. Connect internet enabled devices for next generation hotel operations administrative tasks.


Any Data Source

Develop industry 4.0 strategies for HSEQ. Automatically trigger preventive action based on alerts and live data feeds from connected devices.   

Any System of Record

Data captured in Zaptic can be synced with your chosen back office systems, and vice versa.

Predictive Analytics

Power predictive and prescriptive analytics engines with data captured on the frontline.