COVID-19 Safe Workplace Solution for Manufacturers

Challenge: Rapidly implement new safety, hygiene, distancing and remote working measures to create a COVID-19 safe workplace.

Solution: The COVID-19 Safe Workplace Package, developed on Zaptic’s leading connected worker platform, provides best practice COVID-19 operating procedures and reporting systems for immediate deployment. 

COVID-19 Solution Overview

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Rapidly deploy new safety, hygiene, distancing and remote work measures


How one US wine producer created a COVID-19 secure operation with Zaptic.

Since the start of the crisis leading manufacturers have used Zaptic to deploy COVID-19 adjusted procedures to keep employees safe and maintain production. Many of these capabilities are now immediately available with the COVID-19 Safe Workplace Package.



Step 1. Pre-configured best practice COVID-19 operating procedures, developed in collaboration with, and used by, leading manufacturers since the start of the crisis:


COVID-19 Safe Workplace Package 

Pre-configured workflows and dashboards to track to new safety, hygiene and distancing measures. The package includes

1. Site entry survey and compliance dashboard. 

2. COVID-19 safe workplace audit.

3. COVID-19 near miss and hazard reporting.

4. Cleaning procedures for known or suspected COVID-19 cases plus employee heat map.

5. Hygiene and safety training videos.

COVID-19 Solution Overview


Zaptic safe workplace audits on an iPad

Cleaning and sanitation tracking

Assign and track COVID-19 cleaning tasks to increase the frequency and thoroughness of sanitation and hygiene protocols in your facility. 

Cleaning guidance in response to known or suspected COVID-19 cases.

Track missing PPE and cleaning materials.

COVID-19 Solution Overview


Step 2. Adapt to the new normal of shop floor distancing and remote work by digitising your own daily management procedures in Zaptic's no code platform:


Digital shift changeovers and remote work

Replace face to face shift handovers with digital communication and an interactive log of issues and actions.

Assign, complete and track the status of issues, actions and problem solving progress remotely.

COVID-19 Solution Overview

Digital Shift Changeovers on Zaptic
Virtual Troubleshooting in Zaptin on an iPad

Virtual training and troubleshooting

Replace face to face training and troubleshooting with digital, interactive on-the-job instruction. 

Video SOP and one point lessons with training compliance dashboard. 

Subject matter experts working remotely build and share decision trees to simplify complex troubleshooting for workers on site. 

COVID-19 Solution Overview

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COVID-19 Solution Overview